use case // 2022


The Luftballon Meisterschaft project is a prime example of how innovative technology can enhance and revolutionize traditional television broadcasting. bright! studios, a Stage Precision customer, was tasked with implementing augmented reality (AR) effects for multiple cameras in this sports tournament show. By utilizing Stage Precision’s core products – SP, Shield, and Gateway – bright! was able to create an immersive viewing experience that captivated audiences.


One of the key aspects of the Luftballon Meisterschaft project was integrating different camera tracking systems. With the help of SP, bright! was able to connect these systems, making the implementation of AR effects a seamless and efficient process. Furthermore, using AR elements such as countdowns, player statistics, and matchups added a new level of excitement to the broadcast.


Another standout feature of the project was the use of Shield to render AR scenes. This allowed for the creation of virtual LED screens that were rendered above the TV set, adding an extra layer of visual excitement for audiences. These screens were driven by actual media playback servers, delivering video feeds just as they would with a physical LED screen.
The most impressive aspect of the Luftballon Meisterschaft project was using AR to conceal the playing area from the cameras. With the help of accurate camera tracking, bright! was able to reveal the playing area with a large branded AR object. This added an extra visual effect to the broadcast and showcased the precision in camera tracking achieved with SP’s lens calibration and tracking workflows.


Gateway was another crucial component of the Luftballon Meisterschaft project. It allowed efficient system monitoring of all render nodes playing out the AR elements. As a result, the Luftballon Meisterschaft project demonstrates the limitless potential of AR in the world of broadcasting. By utilizing Stage Precision’s suite of tools, bright! was able to create an engaging and interactive broadcast and set a new standard for television productions. The integration of AR effects elevated audiences’ viewing experience and proved that traditional television broadcasting can be transformed into something truly spectacular with the right technology and expertise.