Space Composer


Space Composer is a new type of software tool that is specifically designed for graphics layering in augmented reality and 2D real-time motion graphics environments. While other tools like media servers may offer real-time capabilities, they were not designed with this use case specifically in mind.

Compose multiple real-time engines in new spaces.

Space Composer is the first tool that is tailored to the unique needs of AR applications and live graphics environments. It allows to layer rendered graphical output of different real-time and game engines such as Unreal or Notch over a live camera feed and also takes care timing delays. In combination with SP as a gateway to most industry standard camera tracking systems.
Space Composer will be a solid foundation for creating immersive AR experiences that are truly one of a kind. It’s the perfect tool for any creative technologist looking to take their projects to a new level of simplicity and functionality in augmented reality and real-time motion graphics.

Features Overview

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