d&b Immersive


use case // 2023


d&b solutions demonstrated a 360 immersive environment in its demo room at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the continent’s largest entertainment technology tradeshow. The SP Tracking and Interactive module was chosen for the project’s critical data translation.




The launch of the Audio Demo Rooms at ISE allowed d&b solutions to create a bespoke and innovative installation experience for its visitors. Having faced data translation challenges suited to audio environments in the past, d&b’s Technical Solutions Director, Andy Hook, knew the team needed a powerful, unified interface for a faultless outcome.



d&b soundscape, a sound object positioning tool from d&b audiotechnik, allows for the placement and movement of individual sound objects to be felt, heard and seen but it doesn’t possess an internal interface for moving objects for audio reproduction.
The team would be handling incoming data from various systems that would typically display in different formats. Tracking data would come from BlackTrax and would then need to be controlled and moved around the demonstration area via one accurate and reliable interface. Using disguise for the media engine and video manipulation and Reaper for audio, Andy and the wider team would need this interface to trigger audio, video and lighting systems – and anything else that became important as the show evolved.

Key Stats



  • 360-degree immersive environment


  • SP as the “heart” of the installation


  • controlling the whole experience live from a Touchscreen


Client quotes

“With any live experience you don’t want to be aware of the technology; you want these demo spaces to be seamless, particularly when the demonstration is an all-round immersive experience. Your audience should be truly immersed and any technical glitches detach from that immersion.”


–  Technical Solutions Director, d&b solutions, Andy Hook



Andy chose SP’s new Tracking and Interactive tool to give support for the BlackTrax tracking system, as well as to SP’s own tracking functionalities. Citing flexibility and speed to help combat the challenges found within the demo, including moving objects around the curve of a180-degree LED screen with audio positioned in an XY axis.


With SP, the team was able to generate data into the correct mathematical equations and translate it without error. This data enabled the team to build a slider from left to right, moving audio objects into the correct axis for each of the different systems.


SP’s Tracking and Interactive software was also able to instantly respond to and translate any last-minute requests that may not have been captured during the initial briefing.
The demo’s giant touchscreen had a control panel driven by SP. This allowed the demo presenter to manipulate elements of the show in front of the live viewers, without needing to be trained on a specific interface.