Genius Berlin


use case // 2022




Tracking and playback:

Pixway Creative Visual Event solutions


Producer + Copyright Owner:

Borealis Interactive Group B.V.


Concept + Multimedia Creation:

flora&faunavisions GmbH


Music: dj SASHA


Pixway – Creative Visual Event Solutions took SP as the backbone of their workflow for this impressive multisensory and immersive arts experience.


“Genius” is an immersive art installation highlighting the impactful productive, creative and inventive output of inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci. “I wish to work miracles” might be one of Da Vinci’s most famous quotes and this installation surely delivered a miraculous experience with it’s interactive scapes.


Pixway made use of the SP infrared camera based blob tracking workflows as well as using its 2D lidar integrations. Peoples movement was tracked throughout the whole room and were used to drive interactive content live rendered in Notch and played out through disguise. 20 GigE infrared cameras were distributed thru out the room and stitched together to one large tracking surface. The vast amount of data that had to be calculated was handled by multiple SP systems that communicated among each other to generate one smooth interactive experience. Another SP was handling 12 2D Lidar sensors attached to the walls to turn them into a large multitouch surface.


Pixway supplied the whole tracking and media playback workflow and successfully integrated this project with SP workflows throughout different stages of the production.